Our Team


Howard Thesen



Howard graduated from NAIT with a diploma in Electronics Technology and was employed by McCullough Tool Company in the specialty logging group. Following 10 years of employment with McCullough (subsequently NL McCullough) he joined Horizon Production Logging & Perforating where he began development of the M.A.N. (Multi-Array Neutron) service. Following the purchase of Horizon by Norwest Shooters, Howard formed Canadian Geoline Ltd. in 1990, at which time he contracted the M.A.N. (Multi-Array Neutron) service exclusively to Norwest Shooters (subsequently NorJet Geotechnologies). In 1998 NorJet Geotechnologies was purchased by Computalog Ltd, and Geolog remained as a division of Computalog Ltd., (subsequently Precision Drilling) as M.A.N. Services co-ordinator. After leaving Precision Drilling in 2003 he founded Geolog Solutions Inc. and advanced the technology development of the M.A.N. service to its current status of the CHAT (Cased Hole Analysis Tool).


Dave Hazard


Operations Manager

Dave began his career with Dienes Perforating in 1981. Following the purchase of Deines Perforating by Norwest Shooters he continued employment with Norwest, (subsequently Norjet Geotechnologies and Computalog Ltd). He deployed the M.A.N. services with Canadian Geoline Ltd. and was involved in various international projects until 2001. In 2001 he joined IPS (subsequently Nine Energy Services) as Specialty Services Manager. During his employment with IPS/Nine, Dave overseen field operations of the ‘Sure Stroke /Sure Set’ electric over hydraulic tool. In 2015 he joined IOT (Integrated Optimization Technologies) as a partner. Following this, In 2018 he joined Geolog Solutions Inc. as Operations Manager.



Feng Li  P. Geo


Manager of Log Analysis

Feng holds a Bachelor of Petrophysics (1992) from China Northeast Petroleum University. Following this he worked as a field engineer and log analyst for CNPC (a well logging & testing technical services company) in China. After relocating to Canada in 2005, Feng joined Geolog Solutions Inc. as Manager of Log Analysis.


Muhammad Shafi M. Sc



Log Analyst

Muhammad holds a Masters degree in Geophysics from the University of Calgary. He began his career with Geolog Solutions Inc. in 2009 as Log Analyst and continues to be a valuable member of the Geolog team.



Stephanie Lehr CRSP, CHSC, PCP




Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)

Stephanie joined Geolog Solutions Inc. in 2011 on a consulting basis to serve as the company’s Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). She has extensive experience in radiation safety management and compliance systems, Canadian regulatory requirements and security controls of radioactive sources.

Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Paramedicine and is professional designated as a Canadian Registered Safety Professional and Certified Health and Safety Consultant.